Current Affairs MCQ: 28 June 2015 for Exams

1) Charles Correa, who passed away recently was related to which among the following fields?

2) Election Commission of India (ECI) on 16 June 2015 suspended the recognition of which among the following party?
National People's Party (NPP)

3) Nathu La pass in which state was recently reopened for Kailash-Manasarovar pilgrims after 53 years?

4) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 17 June 2015 launched which mobile app to provide instant updates and an opportunity to receive messages and emails directly from him?
‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’

5) Which country in Indian Ocean recently celebrated its National Day on 18 June?

6) Which entity received the final approval from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 17 June 2015 to start a full-fledged bank?
Bandhan Financial Services

7) Which state government on 16 June 2015 approved an anti-spitting law, in a bid to keep the city streets cleaner?

8) World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought was recently observed on?
June 17

9) Archana Ramasundaram was on 17 June 2015 appointed as the Director of?
National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB)

10) Which country was recently named the most peaceful country in the world? 

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