Employment News of This Week: 23rd July to 31st July Job Highlights

Employment News July 2016
Highlights of This Week (23 July 2016 to 29 July 2016)Last Date
AAI Recruitment 2016 for 60 Junior Assistant (Fire Services) Posts08 August 2016
AAI Recruitment 2016 for 12 Assistant and Other Posts, Apply by 22 August22 August 2016
RBI Recruitment 2016 for 163 Officers in Grade 'B'(General) Posts, Apply by 09 August09 August 2016
RBI Recruitment 2016, Apply for 19 Posts of Officer Grade B by 09 August09 August 2016
Indian Army Invited Applications from Engineering Graduates for Short Service Commission Course24 August 2016
IBPS PO 2016 Notification Issued, Apply Online on ibps.in by 13 August13 August 2016
Northeast Forntier Railway Recruitment 2016 for 16 Sports Quota Posts23 August 2016
NIT, Durgapur Recruitment 2016 for 06 Officer Posts08 August 2016 (05PM)
ECIL Recruitment 2016 for 08 Senior Personnel Officer and Other Posts06 August 2016
NIT, Durgapur Recruitment 2016 for 34 Non Faculty Posts08 August 2016 (05PM)

Fake Vacancy of Postal Assistant/ Shorting Assistant on www.indiapost.net.in

Fake Vacancy of Postal Assistant/ Shorting Assistant on www.indiapost.net.in

Dear Friends a fake website is registered with domain www.indiapost.net.in. and shows a recruitment of Postal Assistant/ Shorting Assistant. This is a way of cheating unemployment youth. The fee structure is given here Rs . 400/- and Rs. 150/- This will be waste for every candidate because there is no such vacancy of Postal Assistant and Shorting Assistant. Department of Posts should take necessary action regarding this.

How can we say it fake:-

  1. At present SSC organise the exam of Postal Assistant/ Shorting Assistant with SSC Combined Higher Secondary Exam.
  2. India Post official website is www.indiapost.gov.in
  3. In fake website the grade pay of Postal Assistant Shorting Assistant is shown 1900 - 2400 but this is wrong manner of showing grade pay. The Grade Pay of PA/ SA is 2400.
Hence, aware all of you please circulate this information with all of your friends and staff. So money and time may be saved.

Please share this information on social media as you can.

Department of Posts Recruitment 2016: Apply now for PA, Postman, other posts

The Department of Posts has released an official notification inviting all the interested, eligible candidates to apply for various Postal/Sorting Assistants, Postman, and MTS posts under sports quota.

All the eligible candidates need to apply through a prescribed format latest by August 14.
Vacancy details: Total posts: 66
Name of the post: Postal Assistant: 16
Sorting Assistant: 7
Postman: 28
Multi Tasking Staff: 15

Eligibility criteria:

Educational qualification:

All the candidates interested in applying for this post should be intermediate pass (class 12) from a recognised university/ board.

For more details, candidates can visit the official notification, available on the website,www.indiapost.gov.in

Age limit:

All the candidates should not exceed the maximum age limit of 27 years.

Selection procedure:

The selection of the candidates will be based on the basis of their performance in a written exam, to be conducted by various department.

Pay scale:

Postal/Sorting Assistant: The selected candidates will be paid between Rs 5200 to 20200 with grade pay of Rs.2400.

MTS: The selected candidate will be paid between Rs 5200 to 20200 with grade pay Rs 1800.

For all other posts, candidates can visit the official website.

How to apply:

All the candidates need to apply online on the official website.

Important dates:

The last date to apply is August 14


GDS to PA Exam Notification released (2013-2014 Vacancies)

Click Here to download the GDS to PA exam notification. 
Last date for submission of application 04.07.2016. 
EXAM DATE ---31/07/16..
Qualification :- IntermediateGDS service 5 yrs as on 01-01-2013 ..(GDS appointed before 01.01.2008.)
GDS should be below 30 years age as on 01.01.2013

(For OBC =33, and for SC/ST=35 years)







Collections of LGO Question papers with Answers

1       Rs  675  amount  to  Rs   837  in  four  years  at  simple  interest .  If the  interest  rate is  decreased  by  2 %  then   amount  will  be 

                      A 729          b  753          c  763         d  783 

S I  for  four  years    837-675=  162

Actual  interest  rate is  6  %   if  2  %  is  decreased     ie  4  %  ,,  Then  amount  is   783/-

Answer  d  783 
2         What  least  number  which  must  be  added  to  1056 so  that  the  sum is  completely  divisible  by   23?
                               A 3       b  18        c  2        d  21

23) 1056 (45
    Required number = (23 - 21) = 2.    Answer   c    2 
3       In  a  school  with  600 students  ,  the  average  age  of  the  boys  is  12  years    and  that  of  Girls
  is  11 years  .  if  the  average  age of  the  school is  11 years  and  9  months   then  the  number
  of  girls    in  the  school  is 

A 450       b  250       c  150    d  350

Let  the number  of  Girls  be  X  ,   Then  number  of  boys  = (600-x)
(11 4/3 * 600 )  =  11 x  12 (600-x)   
X=7200-7050      =150          Answer  c  150
4       Ram  bought  a  cycle  and  sold  it  for   Rs  4550 which  is  30 %  more  than  this  original  price  .  What  is  the  original price  of  the  cycle 
          A  3500/-           b  3800/-           c 3600/-          d  3400/-

Let cost price (C.P.) = 100.     Profit = 30 %.     Selling price (S.P.) =  (100 + 30)   = 130.

If selling price (S.P.) is  130, then cost price (C.P.) is  100.

If selling price (S.P.) is  1, then cost price (C.P.) is $ (

If selling price (S.P.) is  4550, then cost price (C.P.) is  (
100 /130 × 4550)= 3500   Answer   A 3500/-
5         Rahim  sales  a  cow  at a  loss  of  15 %  . if  he  has  sold  it  for  Rs  150 more  than  he  would  have  made  a  profit  of  10 % .  Cost  price  of  the  cow  was

           A  660           b  600     c  575     d  None of these 

Let  cost price   be P,    Sold price =85 % of P,     85/100*P+150=110/100*P

25/100*P =150          25P=15000       P=15000/25= 600      Anser   600

6          There  are  some  parrots and  some  tigers  in   a  forest  . if  the  total  number  of  animal  heads
  in  the  forest  are  858  and  total  number  of  animal  legs  are  1746. .  What  is  the  number  of  parrots  in  the  forest

              A 843        b  847       c  800       d  None of these 

Let  the  no  of  parrots    is  assumed  as  X
Total  number  of  animals  =  858 
Total  tigers  = 858-x        Total  legs  =  2x=4(858-x)=1746
=2x+3432-4x=1746       2x=3432-1746=1686      X=1686/2=843      Answer  a    843
7      LCM of  36 , 45,52, 108 and  236 is  a

                    A 414180              b  480414            c  441180              d  none  of  these

36 = 2*2*3*3*      45 = 3*3*5      52 = 2*2*13     108 = 2*2*3*3*3*      236 = 2*2*59

Therefore, L.C.M of 36, 45, 52, 108, 236 = 2*2*3*3*3*5*13*59 = 414180
      Answer    a  414180
8        Salaries  of Akash , Babloo  and  chintu  are  in  the  ratio  of  2:3:5  .  If  their  salaries  were 
 increased  by  15 %  , 10  %  and  20  %   respectively What  will  be the  new  ratio of  their  salaries ?

              A 3:3:10      B  23:33:60          C  20:22:40           D  None  of these 

Let   Akash  =  2  Babloo  = 3  and  Chintu  =  5 

Then  100/115=2  =  23/10 
            100/110=3  = 33/10
            120/100=5=  6
Then  new  ratio  is   23/10 :33/10: 6  =  23:33:60      Answer   b  23:33:60
9      A  man  earns   Rs  20 on  the  first  day  and  spends   Rs  15  on  the  next  day  . 
He  again  earns   rs  20  on  the  third  day  and  spends  rs  15  on  the  fourth  day  .  if  he  continues  to  save  like  how  soon   will  have  Rs  60  in  hand 
            A  on  30  the  day           b  On  40th Day                 c  On  27th Day                  D  On  17th day 

Explanation: Money earned in 2 days = Rs.(20 - 15)     =  Rs. 15.
Money earned in 16 days = Rs.(5/2 x 16)     ‹=›Rs. 40.
On 17th day, money in hand = Rs.(40 + 20 )     = Rs. 60.      Answer  d   17th  Day 
10    Ajay can  do  a  piece  of  work  in  25  days  and  Sanjay  can  finish  it  in  20  days  .  They  work together   for  5  days  and  Ajay  goes  away .  how  many  days  will  Sanjay  finish  the  remaining  work

A  11  days               b  12 days              c  14  days            d  None of  these
1 days work of Ajay =1/25
                        Sanjay   = 1/20
So  (Ajay+Sanjay)= 1/25+1/20=9/100
5 days work of Ajaya and Sajay=45/100
Remaining work = 1-45/100=55/100
Sajay can do 55/100 work in  55/100/1/20    =  11 Days

Answer   a  11 Days 

11          The  decimal representation  of a   rational  number  is 
A  Always  terminating  b  Either  terminating  or  repeating  c Either  terminating  or  non  repeating

Answer b 

12         A  hemispherical  bowl  of  internal  radius   9  cm  contains  a  liquid ,  The  liquid is  to  be  filled  into  cylindrical  shaped  small  bottles  of  diameter  3  cm  and  height   4  cm  .  How  many  bottles  will  be  needed  to  empty  the  bowl

A  45        b  54          c  35         d  48

Radius of hemisphere= 9 cm
volume of hemisphere= 2/3 π r3 
= 2/3 x9x9x9 π    = 486 π 
radius of cylindrical shaped bottles= 3/2 cm
height= 4 cm,     volume of bottles= π r2h
= 3/2x 3/2 x 4 π     =9 π  now,
Reaquired no. of bottles= volume of hemisphere/ volume of bottles
. =486 π/9π   . =54
Hence, no. of bottles required to empty the bowl = 54    Answer   b  54 
13          If  the  numerator  of  a  fraction  is  increased  by  200 %   and  the  denominator
  is  increased  by  300 %   the  resultant  fraction  is  6/11 .  What  was  the original  fraction . 

A  5/11              b  7/11 .          c  8/13            d  8/11 

If  numerator  increase  200 %   then    Numerator will be x+2x =3x

and denominator increased by 300% means denominator will be y = 3y =4y

new fraction will be 3x/4y =6/66 (g
3x/4y = 6/11
dividing numerator by 3 and denominator by 4 both side we will get
x/y =6/3/11/4
x/y =24/33
x/y =8/11     Answer  d  8/11 
14     If  the  ratio  of areas  of  two  squares  is  9:1  the  ratio  of perimeter  is 

A  3:1         b  1:2          c  3:2      d  None  of  these 
15   40 Laourers  can  handle  a  task  of  debri  clearance  in  7  days   .
  if  5  %  of  the  labourers  leave  after  2  days  .  What  is  the  total  number  of days  the  task  will  take 

A 5 5/19    b   5  ½       c  5  7/8         d  5 8/19
16  If  eggs are  bought  at  10  for  Rs  8  and  sold  at  4  for  Rs  5  the  business  result  in 

A  50  %  loss   b  56 1/3  %  gain  c  51  %  gain   d  56  ¼  %  gain 

Answer  56 ¼ % gain 

17  A  fruit  seller  buys  lemons  at  2  for  a  rupees.  His  gain  percent  is 
A  10  %          b  15  %               c  20  %               d  25 % 

Answer  20 % 
18  A  car is  moving  with  a speed  of  36 km/h  .  How  much  time  in  seconds  it  will    take  to
  cross  a  500 m  long  bridge  .
A  40           b  45          c  50           d  55

Speed 36 KM/H     = 36*5/18 M/S    =10 M/S  
So  time  taken to  cross 500m bridge  = 500/10 =  50 Second       Answer  50
19 .    Two  cars  start  from  the  same  point  at   8  am  .  In  the  same  direction  .  The  speed  of the first  car  is  60  km/h   and  the  speed  of  second  car  is  55  km/h  .  The  distance  between  them  at  2  p. m  on  the  same  day  is 
                A  20  km       b  25  km       c  28  km       d  30 km 
Time  duration  14-8  =  6 Hrs     2  PM  (  14 hrs)
distance by  first   car   6*60  360 KM
Distance  by  IInd car   = 6*55   =330 KM

So  distance  between  two  car  30 KM       Answer  30 KM
20  The    distance  between    two cities   A  and  B  is  520 km  .  One  car  starts  from   city   A 
towards  city  B  with  the  speed  of  60  km/h.  At  the  same  time  another  car  starts  from  city  B
  towards  city  A   with  a  speed  of 70  km/h  .  After  how  many  hours  they  will  cross  each  other 

A  3 hours  b  4  Hours d  5  hours  d  6  hours

Let distance travelled by  A= X
Distance  travelled by   B= (520-X)
130X=520*60     X=240    ie  Time =240/60= 4 Hrs    Answer  4  Hrs 
 21  A  car towards  50  km  in  first  hour  ,  60  Km  in  second  hour  and  43  km  in  third  hour .  The  average  speed  of  the  car  is 

A  43  KM/h             b  50  KM/h            c  51  KM/h     d  55 KM/h

153/3       Answer 51 KM/h
22  A  car  travels  a  distance  of  150 km  in  3  hours  and  next  242  km  in    4 hours  .  The average  speed  of  car  for  complete  journey

A  50 km/h         b  55.25 km/h       c  56 km/h      d 58 km/h      Answer  56 KM/ h 
 23  If  the  diagonals  of  a rhombus  are  of   measure  12  cm  and  16  cm .  then  this  measure  of  its  side  is 
A  10 cm      b 20 cm        c  15 cm      d  96 cm 
12/2 cm = 6 cm and 16/2 cm = 8 cm long.      Answer  a 10  cm 
 24 A  watch  was  sold  at  a   profit  of  15 %  .  If  its  cost  had  been  5  %  less
  and  it  had  been  sold  for  Rs  21  less  , then  the  profit  would  have  been  10  %   . Find  the  cost   price  of  the  watch  

A  200          b  400           c  190            d  None  of  these        Answer 200
25 60  %  of  the  students  in  a  school  are boys  .  if  the  number  of  girls  in  the school  is  300.     
Then  the  number  of  boys  is 
A  500             b  300          c  450   d  750

If 60% are boys, then 40% must make up the girls.
Let x = total number of students
then  .40x = 300
x = 300/.40 =  7.5*100=750         750-300=450    Total  no  of  boys   450   Answer  c  450

Q1  The Income of Ram is 20 % less than shyam . then shyam’s  income is greater than Ram’s by

a. 20 %  b. 25 %   c. 30 %  d. 15 %      Ans  25 %

Q  The average  marks obtained by  20 students  is 45 . The average  of first ten  is 50 and last nine is 40
What are the marks obtained by  the 10th student       Ans   40

Q3  The compound interest  on Rs  4000/- at the rate of  10 % for   two years  is
Answer   840

Q4  which of the following fraction is smallest
4/5       5/6      6/7      7/8
Answer  4/5
Hint : converting the fractions to decimals by dividing the numerator by the denominator

Q5  Which of the following fraction is largest ?
8/13      7/12      6/11    5/10

Answer  8/13
Hint : converting the fractions to decimals by dividing the numerator by the denominator

Q6  If one half of number is 8  more than 1/3 of that number   the number is
    36     48     50    60                 Answer  48   

Q7  What is the least number  that must  be subtracted  from 380 to make perfect square
56,    39,    19,    0                   Answer  19

Q8  If a piece of work  could be completed  in 24 days by 98 men  how many men  would it take to complete it in 21 days

122,     112     132 ,    102          Answer  112

Q9  The batting average of  40 innings of a cricket player is 50 runs . His highest score exceeds his lowest score  172 runs . If two innings excluded, the average of remaining 38 innings is 48. His highest score was

176,     174,     180,    187          Answer 174

Q10  The average age of  adult class is 40 years . If 12 new students  with an average age of 32 years  join the class , thereby  decreasing the average  of the class  by 4 years  , then original strength of  class  was

10,    11,    12,    13                  Answer  12

Q11  6.5 /.0005 is equal to

1300,     .0013,      130,     13000         Answer  : 13000

Q12  Value of 247*2  * 147 *2  is equal to

39400,      3940,       30940,      34900        Answer (61009-21609) = 39400 

Q13 Put one digit in the blank space  of the number 34-7  so that is completely divided by  9

2,       0,     4,     3                     Answer   4

Q14   The value of  253

14625,      15625 ,      16625,     None of these                  Answer  15625

Q15  The product of two numbers  1923 and 172  is 330756 . Then the product of 19.23 is 0.172 is

3.30756,         33.0756 ,       330.756,      3307.56          Answer  3.30756

Q16  Of the three numbers  first is twice  the second   is twice  the third . The average of three numbers  is 21 . Find the largest  numbers  of the three

36,     38,     47,    48      Answer  36

Q17   Two numbers are respectively 20 % and 50 %   more than a third number . The percentage that is first  of the second is

20 % ,      50 %      70 %     80%         Answer  

Q18  What value  come  in place of  the X
√49*  √64*√81= x

804,     409,     304,   504                      Answer  (7*8*9)= 504

Q19   Rs  700  into  three parts  proportional to  the fraction ½, 1/5 , 3/10   then the second part is 

360,     240,     140,    365                         Answer  140

Q20   if  an 8 men can do  a work  in  15 days  , in how many days can the same work be done by  4 men

30 days  ,    45 days  ,      25 days ,    35 days       Answer  30 Days

Q21  If  200 Rupees  doubles  in  10 years   at a simple rate of interest . What is the rate of interest ?

5 % ,     10 %      8 %     None of these             Answer  10  %

Q22  140 %  of  125 *3/5 of 85  =

276,      136,     126.      226                         Answer  226

Q23  If 18  is 15 %  of 30  %  of certain number  then what is the  number

250,       450.     300,    400                     Answer  400

Q24  The average of three numbers is 77 . The first number  is twice the second  and the second number twice of third . Find the first

131,     130       129,     None of these                  Answer  None of these

Q25  (3)4 +(2)4 +2 *0.25 is equal to

97.5,       48.5,       54.5,     None of these                    Answer  

Q26 Choose the correctly spelt the word

A. Attention      b. Attantion       c. Attension      D. Attenson          Answer  A. Attention

Q27 A .    Bureaucracy     b. Bueraucracy         C. Bureaucracy       D. Bureuacracy    Answer C  

Q28 to 30    Choose  the wrong  spelt word

28. A. people             B. Servent             C. Pupil          d. Thief      Answer  B:  Servent

29  A. Queen           B. Quotation             C. Quinine            D. Quitiant        Answer D: Quitiant

30 . A. Implement              B. Akward              C. Immolate        D . Average     Answer  B:  Akward

26. This pen writes    (A)/ very well     (B)/but it costed me 100 rupees    (C)/No error   (D)

27. There were    (A)/ hardly no trees left   (B)/ just bare rocky land    (C)/ No error (D)       Ans. (B)

28. The magician turned_________ a big black cat
A. By        B. In       C. into    D. With      ans  -(c)
                                                                                                                                                                         29. Ram died_________ over work and exhaustion
A. From                                B. Of      C. By                      D.With      Ans. ((A)

30. Successive (same meaning)
A. Consequently              B. Consecutive C. Beneficiary    D. Victory         Ans. (B)

31. Fatal (same meaning)
A. Deadly             B. Factual            C. Poisonous      D. Fearful   Ans. (A) and (C)

32. Bury (opposite meaning)
A. Embed            B. Exhume          C. Conceal           D. Allow      Ans. (B)

33. Incentive (opposite meaning)
A. Deterrent      B. Bait                  C. Intention        D. Sensation    Ans. (A)

34. Once in a blue moon
A. Very rarely    B. When there is a full moon C. Frequently D. None of these   Ans. (A)

35. My bedroom is warm and comfortable
A. Neat                B. Untidy             C. Cosy                D. Beautiful      Ans. (C)

36. Diana spoke in a quiet voice to her friend
A. Yelled              B. Whispered     C. Jumped           D. Called     Ans. (B)

37. That which cannot be corrected
A. Unintelligible                B. Indelible         C. Illegible           D. Incorrigible   Ans. (B)

38. List of business or subjects to be considered at a meeting
A. Schedule        B. Timetable       C. Agenda           D. Plan   Ans. (C)

39. A. Indulgence B. Leisure        C. Exercize          D. Mandatory   Ans. (C)

40. A. Collage B. College C. Colleague D. Commerciel   Ans. (D)

41. A. Fishery B. Vocobulary C. Alphabetical D. Consonant    Ans. (B)

42. This shirt cannot be worn by me any longer:

A) I cannot wear this shirt any longer.
B) Wearing of this shirt any longer cannot be by me.
C) This shirt is too worn out to be worn any longer.
D) This worn out shirt cannot be worn any longer.       Ans. (A)

43. A lion does not eat grass, however hungry he may be:

A) Grass is not eaten by a lion, however hungry he may be.
B)  Grass is not being eaten by a lion, however hungry he may be.
C) Grass is eaten not by a lion, however hungry he may be.
D) Grass is being not eaten by a lion despite being hungry.     Ans. (A)

44. The small child does whatever his father was done:
A. Has done        B. Did              C. Does            D. Had done       Ans. (A)

45. He is too important for tolerating any delay
A. to tolerate     B. to tolerating     C. at tolerating      D. with tolerating       Ans. (A)

46. Why did you not threw the bag away?
A. Did you not throw      B. Had you not threw   C. Did you not thrown   D. You did not thrown   Ans-A

47. Distribute the sweets __________the two boys
A. At      B. Between        C. Among            D. From       Ans. (B)

48. Though he is poor ________he is honest
A. But        B. Yet      C. And       D. Because     Ans. (--) see explanation

49. The darkest cloud has _________silver lining
A. An          B. A        C. The        D. One      Ans(B)

50. The rose is _________ sweetest of all flowers
A. The                B.A                C. An                 D. One           Ans(A)


1. A sum of Rs.8, 500 is to be divided among 5 men, 6 women and 8 boys in the ratio of 10:7:1. The share of one woman will be _______
(a) Rs.85                     (b) Rs.385                   (c) Rs.850                   (d) Rs.595        ANS:-D

2. Gudia purchased a watch at 9/10th of its selling price and sold it at 80% more than its selling price. Her Gain is?
(a) 18 %                      (b) 20%                      (c) 10 %                      (d) None of these       ANS:-B

3. A Fruit seller had some apples. He sells 40% apples and still has 420 apples. Originally he had:
(a) 588 apples             (b) 600 apples             (c) 672 apples             (d) 700 apples         ANS:-D

4. In first 10 over’s of a cricket game the run rate was only 3.2. What should be the run rate in the remaining 40 over’s to reach the target of 282 runs?
(a) 6.25                        (b) 6.5                         (c) 6.75                        (d) 7.0                   ANS:-A

5. How much time will it take for an amount of Rs.450 to yield Rs.81 as interest at 4.5% per annum of simple interest?
(a) 3.5 years                (b) 4.5 years                           (c) 5 years                   (d) 4 years             ANS:-D

6. The ratio between length and the breadth of rectangular park is 3:2. If a man cycling along the boundary of the park at the speed of 12 km/ph completes one round in 8 min. Then the area of the park (in sq. m) is:
(a) 15360                     (b) 153600                  (c) 30720                     (d) None of these                 ANS:-B

7. If the radius of circle is 7cm then the area of circle is:
(a) 153.86 cm2                        (b) 145.22 cm           (c) 150.00 cm2             (d) 152.67 cm2                ANS:-A

8. The tax payer exempted of income tax for the first Rs.40, 00,000 of his annual income and for the rest of the income, he has to pay tax at the rate of 20%. If he pays Rs.3160 annually as income tax, find his monthly income:
(a) Rs.4850/-               (b) Rs.4650/-               (c) Rs.4550/-               (d) None of these              ANS:-B

9. The perimeter of an isosceles triangle is 42cm and its base is 1 ½ times each of the equal sides. Find the length of each side of triangle:
(a) 12cm, 12cm, 8 cm (b) 6cm, 6cm, 9cm     (c) 18 cm,18cm,24 cm (d) None of these          ANS:-A

10. Find the total surface area of a cylinder having radius of the base 14cm and height 30cm?
(a) 3872 cm2               (b) 4872 cm2               (c) 3782 cm2                (d) None of these      ANS:-A

11. When the fractions , , , are arranged in the ascending order of value, the result is:

12. How many cubes of 3cm edge can be cut out of a cube of 18cm edge?
(a) 216                         (b) 516                        (c) 36                           (d) None of these        ANS:-A

13. A reduction of 10% in the price of sugar enables a shopkeeper to obtain 25 Kg more for Rs.2250. The original price for Kg was
(a) Rs.8                       (b) Rs.9                       (c) Rs.10                     (d) Rs.11    ANS:-C

14. The cost price of 19 mangoes is equal to the selling price of 16 mangoes. The gain percent is:
(a) 3  %                 (b) 15 %               (c) 18 %                   (d) 20 %         ANS:-C

15. A train travelled distance of 10 km, 20 km and 30 km at speeds of 50 km/hr, 60 km/hr and 90 km/hr respectively. The average speed of the train (in km/hr) was:
(a) 66.67                      (b) 60                          (c) 69.23                      (d) None of these     ANS:-C

16. Find the smallest number which is divisible by 12, 15, 20 and is a perfect square:
(a) 400                         (b) 180                                    (c) 900                         (d) 1000      ANS:-C

17. If 6 men can do a piece of work in 20 days and one man can do the work of two boys, then in how many days can 10 men and 5 boys do the same work:
(a) 8 days                    (b) 10 days                  (c) 12 days                  (d) none of these      ANS:-D

18. A train of length 150m takes 40.5 seconds to cross a tunnel of length 300m. The speed of the train (in km/hr) is:
(a) 13.33                      (b) 26.67                     (c) 40                           (d) 400       ANS:-C

19. If a number is multiplied by three fourth of itself, the value thus obtained is 10800. What is that number?
(a) 210                         (b) 180                        (c) 120                         (d) 160     ANS:-C

20. If the three fourth of a number is subtracted from the number, the value so obtained is 163. What is that number?
(a) 625                         (b) 562                        (c) 632                         (d) 652      ANS:-D

21. In a division sum, a student took 63 as divisor instead of 36. His answer was 24. The correct answer is:
(a) 36                           (b) 42                          (c) 32                           (d) none of these      ANS:-B

22. Which one of the following is a true statement?
(a) ∏ and are both rational                               (b) ∏ and are both irrational
(c) ∏ is rational and is irrational                                   (d) ∏ is irrational and is rational        ANS:-D

23. If one kilometer is equal to 10 hectometer, then 1 hectometer is equal to:
(a) 10 decameters       (b) 1 decameter          (c) 100 decameters     (d) 10 decimeters      ANS:-A

24. The average of eight numbers taken together is 12. Two of these numbers are 0 and the remaining numbers are equal. What is the value of the non-zero number?
(a) 12                           (b) 14                          (c) 16                           (d) 18     ANS:-C

25. The average salary of all workers in a workshop is Rs.850/-. There are seven technicians whose average salary is Rs. 1000/- and average salary of other is Rs.780/-. What is the total number of worker in the workshop?
(a) 18                           (b) 20                          (c) 21                           (d) 22         ANS:-D

26. Directions Questions Nos 26- 29 Find out the correctly spelt word
   (A) Acquaintence    (B) Acquaintance    (C) Acquaintince     (D) Acquintence                    Answer B

(A ) Abriviation        (B) Abbreviation        ( C ) Abbrivation         (d) Abbreveation         Answer B

28     (A) Believable            (B) Beleivable               (C ) Belivable            (D) Believible           Answer A

29    (A) Defamatary             (B) Defamatery            (C ) Defamatory           (D) Defamatry      Answer C

Question Nos 30 to 34 each of the following items consists of a word in capital letters followed by four words. Select the word that is similar in the meaning to the word in capital letters


      (A) Ignorant            (B)Familiar          (C ) Unworthy         (D) Famous       Answer : A

            (A) Charged ‘     (B) Condoned         (C ) overlooked               (D) Moved     Answer B

                    (A) Reach       (B) Loan        (C) Help      (D) Advantage         Answer A

   ( A) Groups        (B) Customary          ( C ) Officers         (D) Parents                Answer A

                   (A ) Religious        (B ) Customary        (C ) Stories        (D ) Rules        Answer A

Complete the sentence with appropriate word

35 Lane driving is the …………….. Driving.
                    (A ) Insane       (B) Sane        ( C ) Fool’s        (D) Brave         Answer B

36 A Group of flies is a-----------------

               (A) Flock         (B) Swarm         ( C ) Gaggle         (D) Nest      Answer B

37 .Choose the right meaning for PANACEA
             (A) Great fear           (B) A cure for all       (C ) Whole of Asia     ( D ) A Germ Killer      Answer B

38 The word “ calm” means.

(A) Quiet      (B) Quite       ( C ) Quit      ( D ) Livid     Answer A

Suggested Questions from Postal Manual Volume-    VI, PO Guide, Postal Manual Volume-V
1.Money order paid returns are prepared: -
(a)   Daily    (b)Weekly      (c)Fortnightly       (d)Monthly         Ans: - (c) (Rule-79 Volume-VI, Part-III)

2.Which letter is to be prefixed to a TMO paid in  the Journal of MO s paid: -

(a) R       (b) S      (c)T     (d) None of the above.      Ans: - (c) (Rule-44 Volume-VI, Part-III)

3.The currency of an Indian Postal Order is  normally: -

(a)6 months from the last day of the month in   which it was sold,
(b)2 years from the last day of the month in which  it was sold,
(c)5 years from the last day of the month in which  it was sold,
(d)10 years from the last day of the month in which it was sold,
Ans: - (b) (Rule-195 Volume-VI, Part-III)

4.   The amount of commission to be realized at the time of sale of an IPO of denomination of Rs.100  is

(a)Rs. 10/-      (b)Rs. 5/-         (c)Re.1/-          (d)Rs.2/-   Ans: - (a) (Clause-244 PO Guide Part-I)

5.   The maximum admissible weight of a Book Packet posted in Post is: -

(a) 2 KG          (b)3 KG           (c)4 KG           (d)5 KG.          Ans: - (d) (Clause-98 PO Guide Part-I)

6.  The 1st class mails handed by the Post Office  are of: -
   (a)3 types-Letters, Letter Cards & Post Cards,  
   (b) 4 types--- Letters, Letter Cards, Book Packets & Post Cards,
   (c)5 types---- Letters, Letter Cards, Book Packets,Parcels & Post Cards,
   (d)None of the above.       Ans: - (a) (Clause-98 PO Guide Part-I)

7.  A Franking Machine has: -

(a)1 meter       (b)2 meters     (c)3 meters     (d)4 meters     Ans: - (b) (Clause-11 PO Guide Part-I)

8.  In case of each Business Reply article, the Post  Office will charge an additional postage of: -

(a)Re. 1/-         (b)Rs. 2/-         (c)Rs. 3/-         (d)Rs.4/-          Ans: - (a) (Clause-11 PO Guide Part-I)

9.   The Postal Index Number (PIN) must contain: -

(a)5 digits       (b)4 digits       (c)7 digits       (d)6 digits       Ans: - (d) (Rule-107 Postal Manual Volume-V)

10.   The postal articles  refused by  the addressee  are  to be: -

(a)Returned to sender or to RLO     (b)To be kept in deposit in the office of delivery
(c)To be handed over to the Overseer for delivery                        (d)None of the above.                       Ans: - (a)

11.     Minimum amount taxed on unpaid / insufficiently paid articles posted in post is: -

(a) Re. 1/-        (b)Rs. 2/-         (c)Rs.5/-          (d)Rs. 6/-         Ans: - (a)

12.     Addressee's Instructions are of: -

(a)1 type---permanent instruction               
(b)2 types-temporary instruction & permanent  instruction
(c)3 types--- temporary instruction, semipermanent  instruction & permanent instruction
(d) None of the above.                           Ans: - (b) (Rule-133 Postal Manual Vol.-VI Part-I)

13.     Poste Restante are to be kept in deposit for: -

(a)7 days from the date of receipt,   (b)15 days from the date of receipt,
(c)1 month days from the date of receipt,   (d)2 months days from the date of receipt Ans: - (c)

14.    Undelivered Acknowledgements cards are to be  destroyed after: -

(a)15 days       (b)1 month     (c)4 months    (d)None of the above.                       Ans: - (c)

15.    Redirection Fee for Parcel is: -

(a)50% of the ordinary postage,       (b)Nil,          (c)25% of the ordinary postage,                (d)none
Ans: - (a) (Clause 67-71 PO Guide Part-I)

16.   Any postal article can be redirected: -

(a) By the office of posting
(b)By both the office of posting & the office of destination
(c)By any intermediate office/section handling the article
(d) Only by the office of destination.                      Ans: - (d) (Clause 67-71 PO Guide Part-I)

17.   Ordinary postal article received in damaged condition in the o/o delivery: -

(a)Should be returned to the o/o posting
(b)Should be sent out for delivery at once
(c)Should be forwarded to the o/o the Divisional  Superintendent
(d)Should be enclosed in a protecting cover with a  remark made on the top & the sent out for delivery.
Ans: - (d) (Rule-145 Postal Manual Volume-V)
18.   An Inland Parcel must be Registered if its weight exceeds: -

(a)1 KG           (b)2 KG           (c)4 KG     (d)None                  Ans: - (c) (Clause 164 PO Guide Part-I)

19.    Currency Notes, Coins, precious stones can be sent by: -

(a)Insured Post     (b)Registered Post     (c)Ordinary Post     (d)Under Certificate of Posting.
Ans: - (a) (Clause 184 PO Guide Part-I)
20.    The maximum limit of Insurance is: -
(a)Rs. 10, 000/-,          (b)Rs. 50, 000/-      (c)Rs. 1 lakh       (d)None Ans: - (c) (Clause 184 PO Guide Part-I)

21.    An Insured Bundle is prepared when there is: -

(a)More than 2 insured articles addressed to the  same office of delivery
(b)More than 3 insured articles addressed to the same office of delivery
(c)More than 5 insured articles addressed to the same office of delivery
(d)More than 1 insured article addressed to the same office of delivery.
Ans: - (d) (Rule-89A Postal Manual Volume-V)

22.     Delivery Slip  in respect of  Registered  Articles  to be  delivered at  the Window of the Post Office  is prepared in: -

(a)Single Copy           (b)Duplicate,            (c)Triplicate            (d)Not at all prepared.
Ans: - (a) (Rule-164 Postal Manual Volume-VI Part-I)

23.   The addressee of Registered Article to which  an Acknowledgement Card is attached must sign: -

(a)Delivery Slip only                   (b)Acknowledgement Card only
(c)Both the Delivery Slip & the Acknowledgement Card     (d)None
Ans: - (c) (Rule-183 Postal Manual Vol.-VI Part-I)
24.  The amount of commission charged on a   Service Money Order amounting to Rs. 1000/- is

(a)Rs. 25/-       (b)Rs.50/-        (c)Rs. 100/-     (d)NIL              Ans: - (d)
25.   The addressee of a Value Payable (V.P.) article may request the Post Office to detain his article in the Post Office by payment of warehousing charges for a period of: -

(a)7 days         (b)5 days        (c)14 days       (d)1 month.Ans: - (a) (Rule-222 Postal Manual Vol.-VI Part-I)

26.   The maximum weight/aggregate weight of Parcel (s) (except VP Parcels and Parcels marked Poste Restante) that can be delivered at the premises of an addressee is : -

(a)5 KG           (b)10 KG         (c)15 KG         (d)20 KG         Ans: - (b) (Clause 41 PO Guide Part-I)

27.   A Family Allotment Money Order is remitted by the: -

(a)Defence authorities                       (b)Telecom authorities
(c)General members of public          (d)None of the above.                       Ans: - (a)

28.   The maximum limit of a single ordinary Money  Order is: -

(a)Rs. 2000/-     (b)Rs. 5000/-      (c)Rs. 10,000/-      (d)Rs. 1 lakh.  Ans: - (b) (Clause 217 PO Guide Part-I)

29.   A Money Order (MO-8) form is divided into: -

(a)2 parts        (b)3 parts        (c)4 parts        (d)5 parts      Ans: - (c) (Rule-8 Postal Manual Vol. VI Part-II)

30.   A Money Order paid to an illiterate payee is paid: -

(a)After obtaining the thumb impression of the payee and getting it attested by a reliable witness other than the paying official
(bAfter obtaining the thumb impression of thepayee
(c)To a literate family member of the payee
(d)After obtaining the thumb impression of the payee and getting it attested by the paying official.
Ans: - (a) (Rule-38 Postal Manual Volume VI Part-II)

31.  The name of the payee of a Money Order can be altered: -

(a)On payment of a second commission in cash,
(b)On payment of a second commission in the shape of Postage Stamps
(c)Free of cost           (d)None of the above.                   Ans: - (b) (Clause 227 PO Guide Part-I)

32.   The Broken Amount of an Indian Postal Order can be made up by affixing: -

(a)3 unused Postage stamps                       (b)4 unused Postage stamps
(c)5 unused Postage stamps                       (d)Not permissible.    Ans: - (a) (Clause-245 PO Guide Part-I)

33.  Maximum amount of compensation admissible in case of loss/destruction of a Registered article is

(a)Amount of actual loss      (b)Rs. 50/-       (c)Rs. 100/-                 (d)As claimed  either  by the addressee or by the sender.                 Ans: - (c) (Clause-170 PO Guide Part-I)

34.   Advance Remittance (or Minus Entry) is: -

(a)Cash is received prior to the receipt of the SO/BO daily account
(b)Cash is received after to the receipt of the SO/BO daily account
(c)Cash is received in short than as mentioned in the SO/BO daily account
(d)None of the above.                       Ans: - (a) (Rule-74, Postal Manual Vol.-VI, Part-III)

35.    The word "in transit" means: -

(a)The value of cash/stamps which has been remitted and already accounted at the Cash Office
(b)The value of cash/stamps which has been remitted but not yet accounted at the Cash Office
(c)The value of cash/stamps which has not been remitted to the Cash Office on the same day
(d)None of the above.                       Ans: - (b) (Rule-74, Postal Manual Vol.-VI, Part-III)

36.   Amount due from a Brach Post Office is: -

(a)Total of closing balance of BO + total amount of transit                     (b)Total of closing balance of BO
(c)Authorized cash balance of BO              (d)Total amount of transit of the BO.
Ans: - (a) (Rule-74, Postal Manual Vol.-VI, Part-III)

37.   The Sub Office (S.O.) daily account is prepared by the: -

(a)Treasurer of the S.O.        (b)Sub-Account PA of the S.O.
(c)Sub-Postmaster of the S.O.         (d)None          Ans: - (c) (Rule-29, Postal Manual Vol.-VI, Part-III)

38.    S.O. slip is prepared and sent: -

(a)From H.O. to S.O.    (b)From S.O. to B.O.            (c)From S.O. to H.O.             
(d)From S.O. to the o/o the Divisional Superintendent.Ans: - (a) (Rule-18, Postal Manual Vol.-VI, Part-III)

39.    The Treasurer's Cash Book is divided into: -

(a)Only 1 part--- "receipts"               (b)Only 1 part--- "payments"
(c)2 parts---"receipts" & "payments"    (d)3 parts---"receipts", "payments" & "cash/ stamps in transit".
Ans: - (c) (Rule-86, Postal Manual Vol.-VI, Part-III)

40.   The maximum weight of an article sent by "Express Parcel Post" is: -

(a)10 KG         (b)25 KG         (c)30 KG         (d)35 KG.        Ans: - (d) 



1.  Registered articles addressed to Shri M. Kumar, 27, Highway Road, Tiruchirappall, i will be delivered

(a)only to Shri M. Kumar at his residential address                (b)to any one residing at the address given above
(c)to a messenger from Shri M. Kumar without any authorization letter
(d)none of a, b, c.      Ans. (a) (Clause 36-PO Guide Part-I)

2.   If the payee refuses to take Money order, it should be returned for repayment to the remitter

(a)on the same day                (b)after keeping it in deposit for 3 days
(c)after keeping it in deposit for 7 days      (d)after keeping it in deposit for 15 days
Ans. (c) (Rule 62 of Postal Man, Vol. VI Pt.II)

3.   Registered letter addressed to Shri V. Praveen could not be delivered as the addressee has left India. In such a case, who will make the remarks on the article for the cause of non- delivery?

(a)Registration Delivery PA  (b)APM (Delivery)       (c)Postmaster                        (d)Postman of that beat
Ans. (d) (Rule 183(2) of Postal Man. Vol.VI Pt.I)

4.    Machine franked articles received from the local bank for dispatch indicating the place of origin & date of posting will be date stamped on
(a)address side          (b)back side   (c)near the franked impression
(d)need not be date stamped          

5.   Money order payable to a person without fingers & suffering from leprosy and living in  asylum shall be paid

(a)to the payee only after getting witness from literate persons.
(b)to any of the family members of the payee duly witnessed by a literater person.
(c)to a messenger authorized by the family members
(d)to the Head of Asylum on his signing the MO on behalf of such a person.
Ans. (b) (Rule 35 of Postal Man. Vol.VI Pt.II)

6.    Franked articles bearing previous day date stamp impressions presented for despatch

(a)can be accepted.              (b)can be rejected.
(c)can be accepted after getting date stamp impression of the day of despatch.
(d) none of a, b, c.                 Ans. (c) (Clause11(10) (viii) (b) of PO Guide Part-I)

7.  Who is incharge of Sorting Mail Office?

(a)Mail Guard             (b)Mailman     (c)Head Record Office          (d)Head Sorter
Ans. (d) (Rule 15 of Postal man. Vol.V)

8.   Forward bag contains

a)only closed bags                b)bags to be opened by section  
c)articles containing fully prepaid articles d)none of a, b, c.Ans. (a) Rule 9 of Postal Man. Vol.V)