Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination Papers

Latest Paper of CHSLE 2014:

Latest Paper of CHSLE held on 20th & 27th October, 2013

New! Solved & Typed Version (Held on 4 Dec., 2011)

Held on 11 December 2012

Unsolved & Scan Version

SSC: Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination Solved Paper - Year 2010

SSC: Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination Solved Paper - Year 2009

SSC: Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination Solved Paper - Year 2008

Practice Question Set on General Intelligence & Reasoning for SSC Recruitment Examination

The Practice Question Set on General Intelligence & Reasoning has been prepared for the benefit of the aspirants preparing for different SSC Recruitment Exams.

Directions (Q.No. 1-5) Select related words/letters/numbers from given alternatives.

1. TAP : PAT :: DAM : ?

(a) BUND

(b) MAD

(c) STOP

(d) AMD

2. 8 : 18 : : 24 : ?

(a) 38

(b) 32

(c) 44

(d) 43

3. 08 : 09 :: ? : 25

(a) 64

(b) 16

(c) 27

(d) 36

4. ABC : HIJ : : OPQ : ?

(a) WVX

(b) VWX


(d) VXW

5. 6 : 35 : : 9 : ?

(a) 18

(b) 27

(c) 53

(d) 72

Final touch up to your SSC Exams Preparation

We are listing the points that shows how much you are ready to give any SSC exam.

  1. Can you solve the whole paper in the given time span of 2 Hours?
  2. How much you use pen and paper to solve reasoning and maths section?
  3. Are you getting marks more than the last year's cut-off?
  4. How much you have revised your whole syllabus?
  5. Do you know your weak areas in every topic?
  6. Do you use OMR sheet for answers or just solve them on the register?
If you have answers of the above questions then it is excellent. But if not then I can help you in this matter. The solution of the above questions lies in one answer. The answer is SOLVE 1 PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTION PAPER OF SSC per weak after completing the syllabus. It will help you to understand your level of preparation and speed.

And if you have already solved all the previous years then get any good book of practice sets and solve at least 1 question paper per weak. And don't solve question paper randomly on any register instead use an OMR sheet for answers.You can download SSC OMR sheet from the internet.

Now the question which publisher is providing ALL THE PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTION PAPERS in one book and with HIGHEST ACCURACY and they should have to be fully solved so that we can understand why the particular answer has been chosen as the correct answer. Following is the list of 'A' class books providing previous years questions paper and practice sets for SSC exams.

1. SSC - CGL Exam Papers

2. SSC - CHSL Exam Papers

Solving at-least 1 question paper per weak make you exam ready. But make sure to do only one paper per weak and rest of the week make strong the areas in which you left behind. 

GK Syllabus, Books & Strategy for CHSL - Exam 2015

Topics in General Awareness
Marks Allotted to each topic
Indian Polity & Constitution
Indian History

{Note: It is not compulsory that there will be 5 questions from each of the above topics. Sometimes they ask 7-8 questions from one topic and  reduce questions from some other topic}

Book for General Awareness for SSC PA/SA,LDC/DEO Exam

There is 8 different topics that means we need 8 different books for the preparation of each of the above topics but we will try to keep it in our budget and also minimize the study material so that it can be completed on time.

There is one single book and that is Lucent's General Knowledge. Just READ, LEARN and REVISE from Lucent. At the end of every topic there are some miscellaneous facts related to particular subject, they are also important so don't make a stupid mistake to skip them.

It has covered all the 7 topics beautifully. Lucent has a section called Miscellany which covers everything. Don't skip that section also.


Skip all the numerical things like dates, quantities, distances and weights. They usually ask questions from numerical data. In any case they want to ask any figurative questions, they will put 1 or 2 questions. Not a big deal.

Reasoning Syllabus, Books & Strategy for CHSL - Exam 2015

In SSC exams reasoning section is the most easiest in all the sections. Any candidate can obtain 40 out of 50 marks in reasoning section of LDC exam if he/she has prepared it properly and seriously.

Syllabus & Marks Distribution

Reasoning Syllabus of SSC CHSL
Marks Allotted to each Chapter
1. Related Word
2. Related Alphabet
3. Related Number
9 marks
1. Unrelated Word
2. Unrelated Alphabet
3. Unrelated Number
9 marks
Series Completion
1. Number Series
2. Alphabet Series
3. Alpha-Numeric Series
4. Continuous Pattern Series
5-6 marks
1. Code the given word,
Letters and numbers
2. Decode the given word,
 Letters and numbers
3. Direct letter coding
4. Number/Symbolic Coding
2-3 marks
Blood Relations
2-3 marks
Seating Arrangement
3-4 marks
Direction Sense Test
2-3 marks
Logical Venn Diagrams
1 marks
Alphabet Test
1. Arrangement of words
according to
2. Alphabet quibble  
3. Word formation of Jumbled
4. Words can be formed or cannot be formed
3-4 marks
Ranking test
1-2 marks
Mathematical Operations
1. Sign Substitution
2. Interchange of signs
1-2 marks
Logical Sequence of Words
1 marks
Inserting the Missing Character
1 marks
1-2 marks 
Non-Verbal Reasoning
5-6 marks 
50 Marks

Study Material & Strategy

A very good book by Kiran Publishers the Kiran's Chapterwise Reasoning. You can prepare the above the topics from this valuable resource. It is specially designed for SSC exams. The books starts with important concepts which you need to understand before getting into the problems. 

You don't have to worry about the reasoning section of any SSC exam whether it is CHSL or CGL or any other. There are some chapters which doesn't take even a minute to understand. So just get this book, solve it and you will have complete mastery over reasoning after completing this book. 

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus, Books & Strategy for CHSL Exam 2015

Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus, Books & Strategy for CHSL - Exam 2015

The maths section of SSC LDC Exam has 50 questions carrying 1 mark each. The syllabus of quantitative aptitude is very vast but it can be completed if there is a right strategy and regular practice of questions. One thing which is under our control is that we already know nearly 25 marks of topics.

There is only one universal formula to beat the Maths in Competition Exam and that is Practice, Practice and More Practice and then More Practice. Let's just understand what SSC thinks while setting the questions for quantitative aptitude.

Full Syllabus of Maths in SSC CHSL Exam

  • Mensuration of 2-D Figures: Rectangle, Square,   Triangle, Quadrilateral, Polygons  & Circles
  • Mensuration of 3-D Figures: Cuboid, Cubes, Right Circular Cylinder, Right Circular Cone, Sphere, Pyramid & Prism      
  • Trigonometric ratios
  • Degree and Radian Measures
  • Standard Identities
  • Complementary angles
  • Heights and Distances
  • Lines & Angles
  • Triangles
  • Quadrilaterals
  • Polygons
  • Circles
  • Algebraic Identities
  • Linear Equations
  • Graphical Representation of lines
Data Interpretation
  • Tabulation
  • Pie Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Line Graph
  • Mixed Graph 
Percentage (%)
  • Percentage
  • Profit/Loss & Discount
  • Alligation/Mixture
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Time & Work
  • Work & Wages
  • Pipes & Cistern
  • Problems on trains
  • Boats & Streams
Fundamentals/Number System
  • Computation of Whole Numbers: Addition, Multiplication, Division of Whole Numbers
  • Divisibility Rules & Finding Remainders
  • Square/Square Root & Cube/Cube Root
  • Factors & Multiples
  • LCM & HCF
  • Decimals & Fractions
  • Indices & Surds
  • Involution/Simplification Rules
  • Finding Averages
  • Ratio & Proportion

Books for SSC CHSL LDC/DEO Exam Maths Section 

The two most reliable books for competition exams are Quantum Cat by Sarvesh K. Verma and SSC Chapter-wise Maths.

1. Quantum Cat: Most of the books out there are of two kinds. The first one is short-cut method book and the other is conventional book using formulas and conventional methods to solve the questions.

There is disadvantage in using both the books. If you'll learn only short-cut methods for solving the problem you will not be able to solve different variety of questions and if you use only conventional methods then there is a problem of time in solving a particular problem.

And Quantum Cat which is a blend of short-cut methods and conventional methods to solve the problem. It makes you an expert in both the zones (short-cut methods and formulas).


That will be enough for SSC CHSL exam.

2. SSC Chapter-wise Maths: This is very important book as it will make you familiar with the type of questions SSC like to ask. Moreover SSC repeats questions so it becomes necessary to prepare previous years questions. 

So both the books are necessary to crack the maths section of SSC CHSL EXAM.

Helpful tips for maths section

1. Minimize the use of pen and paper. Try to solve the problem first in your brain and if your brain is unable to do that then solve on paper. Do not try to solve to the question fully on paper.

2. Solve the question at the space provided with the questions instead of solving them at the bottom. Every minute is important in exam hall. Just plug in the values in question itself and solve.  

3. Learn the methods, rules, formulas and questions which are repeated most frequently in the exams. Like you should have learnt simple tables upto 20 & also square and cube table upto 20. There many more small things which repeats itself that should be leaned instead of doing that in the exam hall.    

General English Syllabus, Books & Strategy for CHSL - LDC DEO Exam

English Language is a topic which is given to test the candidate's English Grammar, Vocabulary skills and Reading Skills. Please don't underestimate this topic as it does not include any question which you've studied upto your 10th standard.

If you're afraid from English then get ready to fight with your fear and if you're proud for the marks which you've taken in English till 10th or 12th then it's time for you to face the real English Language test.

What I am trying to say is it doesn't matter what you have done in your school days in English subject because that is not related to the syllabus or questions which you will face in the competitive exams like SSC CHSL. Let's just jump into it.

Syllabus of English Language 

Grammar Vocabulary Reading Skills
1. Spotting the Error 1. Synonyms 1. Sentence Completion
2. Sentence Improvement 2. Antonyms 2. Cloze Test
3. Voice 3. One Word Substitution 3. Sequence of Sentences
4. Narration 4. Spelling Rules 4. Comprehension Passage

5. Idioms & Phrases

Study Material

Detailed Analysis of Syllabus 


1. Spotting the Error (5-6 Marks)

Directions (1-5): In the following questions some parts of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The number of that part is your answer. If there is no error, then your answer is (d) i.e. No error.

1. This custom (a)/ has come down (b)/ since times immemorial. (c) / No error. (d)
2. This letter will reach him (a)/ before he left (b)/ for Delhi. (c)/ No error. (d)
3. We stayed for (a)/ a short time (b) / in the hotel. (c)/ No error. (d)
4. Students are prohibited (a)/ to bring cycles (b)/ into the college. (c)/ No error. (d)
5. Unless you are careful, (a)/ you are bound to make mistake (b)/ in your work. (c)/ No error. (d)

You will be given some 5 or 6 sentences like above. Each sentence will be divided into parts a,b,c, & d. And you will be asked to find out error in the sentence. The part of the sentence which have error will be your answer. If there is not any error in the sentence then mark the last part i.e. 'No Error' as the answer. 

2. Sentence Improvement (2-4 Marks)


Directions (1-2): In the following questions, a part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold part at (1), (2) and (3) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed your answer is (4).

1. Did there bus come on time?
(a) their’s
(b) theirs
(c) their
(d) No improvement

2. Mayank was working overtime for the last two weeks.
(a) is working
(b) is being working
(c) has been working
(d) No improvement


You will be given a sentence in each question and in the sentence some words will be bold. Your job is to find out whether the bolded word need improvement or not. If it need improvement then there will be some options given to you and you have to mark the correct option which can be replaced as the best suited option grammatically with the bolded words. If the sentence doesn't need any improvement then mark 'No Improvement' as the answer.

3. Narration/Direct or Indirect Speech (4-5 Marks)


Directions: In questions below a sentence has been in Direct/Indirect.Out of the four alternatives suggested, select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect/Direct and mark your answer in the answer sheet.

1. He said to me, "I grew these carrots myself"

(a) He told me that he has grown these carrots himself.
(b) He told me that he grew those carrots himself.
(c) He told me I grew these carrots myself.
(d) He told me that he grew these carrots himself.

2. Mrs. Shankar said, "I know what it is to be depressed."

(a) Mrs. Shankar is depressed she said.
(b) Mrs. Shankar said that she was knowing what it was to be depressed.
(c) Mrs. Shankar said that she knew what it is to be depressed.
(d) Mrs. Shankar knows what it is to be depressed.


I think you get the idea what you'll have in your plate from this question. You will be given a sentence in each question. It can be in direct speech or indirect and below it four options. If the given sentence is in direct narration then you have to find out the indirect narration of the same sentence in the options and mark that the correct option in the answer sheet. Do the same thing if you are given indirect sentence.

4. Change the Voice (4-5 Marks)


Directions: In the questions below a sentence has been in Active/Passive Voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested select the one which best expresses the same meaning in Passive/Active Voice and mark your answer in the answer sheet.

1. She took dog for a walk.

(a) The dog was took for a walk.
(b) The dog took a walk by her.
(c) The dog was taken for a walk by her.
(d) The dog took her for a walk.

2. The waiter filled the glasses with water.

(a) The waiter was filled the glasses with water.
(b) The water were filled in the glasses by waiter.
(c) The glasses filled with water by the waiter.
(d) The glasses were filled with water by the waiter.


The above questions will be asked from the chapter 'Voice' or 'Change the Voice'. These are very straight forward question. You will be a given a sentence. It can be in Active Voice or can be in Passive Voice. If the given sentence is in Active Voice, you have to find out the same sentence in Passive Voice in the given options and same thing if you have the sentence in Passive Voice then find out the sentence in Active Voice in the options and mark the answer in the OMR sheet.

How to deal with Grammar
Grammar (15-17 Marks)There are 4 chapters of Grammar. We need a book which is specifically written to match the syllabus of English Language of competitive exams. Don't buy traditional high school grammar books as they do not contain objective questions for practice and they are not upto the mark of competition exam English Language questions.

So we recommend you to go with Objective General English by S.P. Bakshi. The book is divided into 4 Parts and then parts into Units. For Spotting the Error & Sentence Improvement questions you will do Unit-I, II, III, IV, (skip V), and lastly Unit-VI.

Solve all the Revision Exercises. Unit-VI is the most important chapter as 16th chapter is Spotting the Error and 17th is Sentence Improvement Exercises. It contains the mixture of questions from all the Grammar chapters from Unit-I to VI. Skip 18th Chapter as it is not in syllabus.

For Narration you just have to understand the basic rules of  'Narration' and 'Voice'. For Narration Part-D, Chapter-1, Narration and for Voice Part-A (Foundation Module), Unit-I, Chapter-2 (already done above) of S.P. Bakshi.


1. Synonyms (2-4 Marks)

Directions (1-5): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the same meaning of the given word.

1. Irresolute
(a) undecided 
(b) angry
(c) ignorant 
(d) firm
2. Frugal
(a) economical 
(b) delicate
(c) splendid 
(d) hungry
3. Motive
(a) reason 
(b) occasion
(c) intention 
(d) preparation
4. Pity
(a) offence 
(b) mercy
(c) kindness 
(d) joy
5. Quash
(a) question 
(b) pledge
(c) reject 
(d) slash


This is the topic of Synonyms in which you will be given a word and asked to mark the option from the given options which best expresses the same meaning of the given word. We generally call it (Samanarthi Shabd) in hindi.

2. Antonyms (2-4 Marks)

Example: Directions (1-5): In the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

66. Quiet
(a) strong
(b) noisy
(c) incomplete
(d) violent
67. Vague
(a) clear
(b) dull
(c) unknown
(d) shady
68. Incredible
(a) believable
(b) possible
(c) imaginable
(d) enjoyable
69. Inevitable
(a) avoidable
(b) unnecessary
(c) inseparable
(d) uncertain
70. Humility
(a) dignity
(b) cruelty
(c) anger
(d) pride

This time again you will be given a word and four options. You have to find out the word which is opposite in meaning to the given word.

3. Spelling Rules (2-3 Marks)

Example:Directions (1-2): In the following questions, groups of four words are given. In each group, one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.

(a) systamatically
(b) systematically
(c) systematicaly
(d) systimatically
(a) erthiness
(b) earthines
(c) earthhiness
(d) earthiness


Your job is to find out the correctly spelt word in each question from the given four options.

4. One Word Substitution (3-4 Marks)

Example:  Directions (1-4): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.

1. Able to use the left hand and right hand equally well
(a) ambivert
(b) ambidextrous
(c) ambivalent
(d) ambitious      
2. One who hates women
(a) philanthropist
(b) ascetic
(c) misogamist
(d) misogynist
3. A system of naming things
(a) horticulture
(b) miniature
(c) genocide
(d) nomenclature
4. A raised pass
(a) walkway
(b) walkout
(c) walkabout
(d) walkover


These are one word substitution questions. Again doesn't need any explanation. You have to find the word in the options which can be used as single word for that full sentence.

5. Idioms & Phrases (3-4 Marks)

Example:Directions (71-75): In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/ phrase.

1. At one’s beck and call
(a) to attend a call
(b) to be helped by someone
(c) to be useful to someone
(d) to be dominated by someone
2. To explore every avenue
(a) to search all streets
(b) to scout the wilderness
(c) to find adventure
(d) to try every opportunity
3. The Manager doctored the accounts of the company.
(a) to make changes in account books
(b) to clear the doctors bill
(c) to verify the accounts in detail
(d) to manipulate the accounts
4. She could never measure up to her parent expectation.
(a) reach the level
(b) work as hard
(c) assess the amount
(d) increase her height


These questions can be asked in two ways. They can be asked as the '1st' and '2nd'. Under this you will be given an Idiom or phrase directly and asked to find out the meaning from the given options. Second method is shown in '3rd' and '4th' part. The idiom or phrase will be embedded in a sentence. This time also you will be asked to find out the meaning of that Phrase/Idiom printed bold in the sentence.

How to deal with Vocabulary
(B) Vocabulary (10-12 Marks): There are 7 chapters of Vocabulary. One book that can help you to build fantastic vocabulary is Word Power Made Easy. Not only it helps you to crack this exam but also polish your English Vocabulary for future.

The biggest advantage of this book is after reading 'Word Power Made Easy' you will be able to guess the correct answer of synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases and all other questions of Vocabulary even if haven't read that before. It makes you that much efficient.

This is divided into 3 parts and these three parts into 19 chapters. After Word Power you will do Unit-V which you've skipped above. Next you will do Chapter 2, 4, 6 & 7 of Part-B and lastly Spelling Rules of Part-D.

Reading Skills 

Directions (1-4): In the following questions sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

1. Sentence Completion (5-6 Marks)


Directions (1-2): In the following questions sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.

1. There was some ______ between the member ’s version and the committee’s version.

(a) discourse
(b) discrepancy
(c) certainty
(d) recurrence

2. We have talked a lot: not let us ______ to work.

(a) get down
(b) set off
(c) take off
(d) sit up


You have to find out the word in each question that suits best with the sentence.

2. Cloze Test

Example: There are certainly some things in common between science and religion. Both want the (91) of mankind. Only their ways and (92) are different. Then both of them (93) to have truth as their basis. Religion (94) that the truth it (95) should be believed in with a blind (96). Science says that it should be studied, (97), tested and only then relied upon. If during (98) some new truth or new aspect of the truth (99), science is ready to accept (100). But religion is not ready for research, experiment and change in whatever has already

been accepted or revealed.

(a) goodwill 
(b) goodness
(c) welfare 
(d) best
(a) manner
(b) demonstration
(c) style
(d) methods
(a) say
(b) claim
(c) assure
(d) promise
(a) wants
(b) promotes
(c) shows
(d) forces
(a) proclaims
(b) announces
(c) creates
(d) ensures
(a) belief
(b) mind
(c) faith
(d) trust
(a) touched
(b) felt
(c) seen
(d) probed
(a) hypothesis
(b) research
(c) meditation
(d) concentration
(a) emerges
(b) comes
(c) presents
(d) revealed
(a) these
(b) this
(c) it
(d) them


This is a kind of a big paragraph in which you will be given 10 blanks. Each blank has four options and again you have to find out the correct option to fill the particular blank.

3. Sequence of Sentences


1: I have not come
P: even if it means some humiliation
Q: but the boy must learn
R: to complain, he said
S: to be honest
6: and admit he broke our window pane.

(a) SPRQ
(b) QSPR
(c) RQSP
(d) PRQS


You will be given a jumbled paragraph in which 1st and 6th (or last sentence) is correctly placed but the four sentence between those 1st and 6th sentence will be placed in zig-zag manner. Your job is to place them correctly and choose the option which match with your answer.

4. Comprehension Passage 

I think I don't have to explain this. As you've already know about what a comprehension passage is. It is a kind of chunk of text with 2 or 3 paragraphs. You have to read it and understand it then you have to answer few questions below it and that's it. 

How to deal with Reading Skills  (C) Reading Skills (19-20 Marks): There are not hard and fast rules to master reading skills. Questions like Sentence Completion, Cloze Test, Comprehensions Passage can be mastered with practice of lot of questions. So from Objective General English for:

(i) Sentence Completion - Part-B, Chapter-6
(ii) Cloze Test - Part-B, Chapter-7
(iii) Sequence of Sentences - Part-C, Chapter-1
(iv) Comprehension Passage - Part-C, Chapter-2

A Traditional Tip: Just Practice as much questions as you can.

Books for Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination

SSC CHSL Exam 2015 Equipments

All kinds of candidate understand the importance of government jobs so they are looking for an excellent job notification. In order to satisfy their needs, the staff selection commission has released a useful notification regarding the various posts. In order to fulfill the vacancies, the staff selection commission may conduct an ultimate SSC CHSL examination in 2015. The effective examination is applicable for applicants who passed their 12th standard examination from a recognized board. It is one of the good and useful opportunity to obtain an effective government. Along with this, the board also recruits the qualified candidates so you should cleared your examination with better marks. If you wish to obtain the merits, you should gain all essential information regarding syllabus patter.

SSC CHSL Exam 2015 Equipments

It is an exact choice for candidate who are looking for a useful study material. The selection commission uploads an exact syllabus pattern via its official web portal. The web portal not only includes certain details, but also contains a lot of sample papers so you can utilize it in an outstanding manner. In addition, it allows you to know an accurate examination pattern. The effective source brings you an overall idea regarding the question paper. At first, you should create an effective plan that helps you to cover the syllabus pattern in a timely manner.

SSC CHSL Exam 2015 Typing Test Details |Discussion

SSC CHSL Exam 2015 Typing Test Details |Discussion 

The candidates who have passed in the written examination they have chances to take the descriptive test. At the same time the commission will conduct typing as well as the skill test to select the candidates for the DEO as well as LDC vacancies. The typing test will be conducted in both Hindi as well as English and it is one of the important tests to select the suitable candidates for the respective jobs. The candidate can able to select their language and the candidates who have applied for the English medium then they also need to type around thirty-five words per minute. For the Hindi medium students it will be differ, they need to type only thirty words per minute. This typing test will be conducted under the rules and the authorized agency conducts this test. In this test, the speed as well as the accuracy of the typing will considered.

SSC CHSL Exam 2015 Typing Test Details |Discussion

Within the given time, the candidates also need to adjust the time as well as speed. 35 w.p.m 10500 key depressions for one hour at the same time 9000 key depressions / one hour. For the candidate reference the previous year question paper and the answer key available at the respective site. To get the typing test details, the candidates requested to touch with the official online portal. It is the only way to grab the whole details of Typing Test. The exam schedule as well as the time duration is also given in the official site. The candidate always needs to type the words on the accurate manner and the candidate need to type the text passage within ten minutes. It will be varies for the visually handicapped candidates, they have thirty minutes time to w type of the words.