24 June 2015 Current Affairs Quiz for Exams

1. Sheila Kaul who passed away recently was ____ Minister in Narasimha Rao Cabinet?
Urban Development

2. Panel on restructuring of the Indian Railways, headed by whom had submitted its final report on 12 June 2015?
Bibek Debroy

3. What was the theme for World Blood Donor Day 2015 observed on 14 June 2015?
’Thank you for saving my life'

4. Name the Minister of State in the Department of Atomic Energy who on 14 June 2015 launched an insurance pool to the tune of Rs. 1,500 crore under Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act (CLND)?
Jitendra Singh

5. Beno Zephine recently became the first 100% blind officer in?

6. Robin was recently selected as the first-ever national bird of which country?
United Kingdom

7. Which e-commerce giant recently acquired Gurgaon based mobility solutions company Letsgomo Labs?

8. Supreme Court on 15 June 2015 cancelled which All India entrance exam over irregularities in the conduct of the exam?
All India Pre-Medical Entrance Test (AIPMT)

9. Adani Group has recently inked a pact to set up 10K MW solar park at?

10. Which telecom operator on 15 June 2015 started offering free roaming across the country for the first time?

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