Current Affairs: 17 June 2015

1) Which country on 07 June 2015 conferred its prestigious liberation war honour on former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for his “active role” in its independence struggle?
(A) China
(B) Nepal
(C) Sri Lanka
(D) Bangladesh 
Current Affairs Quiz 17 June 2015

2) Who has been recently appointed as the new chief of the elite counter-terror force National Security Guard (NSG)?
(A) R C Tayal
(B) Manish Kumar Agrawal
(C) Rajender Pal Upadhyay
(D) J N Choudhury

3) Who won the French Open Men's singles title 2015?
(A) Novak Djokovic
(B) Andy Murray
(C) Stan Wawrinka
(D) Rafael Nadal

4) Who won the French Open women's singles title 2015?
(A)  Lucie Safarova
(B) Maria Sharapova
(C) Bethanie Mattek-Sands
(D) Serena Williams

5) India and which country on 8 June 2015 signed a Memorandum of Understanding for development of vaccines?
(A) Russia
(B) Netherlands
(C) Singapore
(D) South Africa

6) Who was recently appointed as the new Chief Information Commissioner?
(A) Vijai Sharma
(B) Sudhir Bhargava
(C) Basanth Seth
(D) KV Chowdary

7) 16th edition of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) informally known as the “Bollywood Oscars, was recently held at?
(A) UK
(B) Rome
(C) Singapore
(D) Malaysia

8) Who was recently appointed as new Central Vigilance Commissioner?
(A) T.M. Bhasin
(B) KV Chowdary
(C) Pradeep Kumar
(D) None of these

9) World Ocean Day was observed on?
(A) 8 June
(B) 9 June
(C) 5 June
(D) 7 June

10) Who recently won the 2015 Canada Grand Prix of Formula 1?
(A) Nico Rosberg
(B) Sebastian Vettel
(C) Lewis Hamilton
(D) Felipe Massa

1) Ans. (D) Bangladesh
2) Ans. (A) R C Tayal
3) Ans. (C) Stan Wawrinka
4) Ans. (D) Serena Williams
5) Ans. (B) Netherlands
6) Ans. (A) Vijai Sharma
7) Ans. (D) Malaysia
8) Ans. (B) KV Chowdary
9) Ans. (A) 8 June
10) Ans. (C) Lewis Hamilton

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