Useful General Knowledge Questions for PA/SA Exam 2014

1. Indian institute of Geomagnetism is located at.
Ans. (D)Mumbai

2. Heaviest metal is:
Ans. (B)Osmium

3. Total number of members in the National Human Rights Commission.
Ans. (B)Seven

4. The biggest Private Commercial Bank in India.
(A)HDFC Bank
(B)IDBI Bank
(D)Karur Vysya Bank
Ans. (C)ICICI Bank

5. Father of Economics:
(A)Adam Smith
(B)Alfred Marshall
(C)Lionel Robbins
(D)P.A Samuelson
Ans. (A)Adam Smith

6. The number of member countries in ‘SAARC’
Ans. (A)Eight

7. The National agency which is regulating the functioning of the Teacher Education Institutes in India.
Ans. (B)NCTE

8. Total number of chromosomes in human beings.
Ans. (A)46

9. HTML is a:
(A)Software company
(B)Computer name
(C)Programme code
(D)Computer language
Ans. (D)Computer language

10. Name the author of the book ‘what went wrong’
(A)Kiran Bedi
(B)Sara Joseph
(C)Arundhati Rai
(D)Sushma Swaraj
Ans. (A)Kiran Bedi

11. National Institute of Ayurveda is situated at:
Ans. (C)Jaipur

12.Which planet of the solar system spins on its axis at the fastest rate?

Ans. (A)Jupiter

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