Expected Current Affairs Questions for PA/SA Exam 2014- Part 7

1) Which legendary Bengali actress who starred in memorable Hindi films like Devdas and Aandhi passed away on January 17?
Ans. Suchitra Sen
2) The first women to be appointed as chief of the National Police Academy, Hyderabad?
Ans. Aruna Bahuguna
3) The new authority setup by the Government of India to advice the Railway Ministry on fare and freight rates?
Ans. Rail Tariff Authority
4) Who became the youngest person to reach South pole in February 2014?
Ans. Lewis Clarke
5) Which community has recently been granted minority status by the Union Government?
Ans. Jain
6) Which country won the inaugural title of Hockey World League Final?
Ans. Netherlands
7) Who won FIFA’s Women World Player of the Year Award 2013?
Ans. Nadine Angerer (Germany)
8) Who became the first Indian wicket keeper to cross 300 dismissals in One Day Internationals?
Ans. M.S Dhoni
9) Which Indian dairy co-operative launched the country’s first ‘Milk ATM’?
Ans. Amul
10) Which Indian state won the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) Ulysses Award for Innovation in Public Policy and Governance?

Ans. Kerala

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