PA/SA Exam 2014: English Model Questions for practise

Direction: Select the most suitable preposition from the four choices given for each sentence.

1. He arrived _____ the airport _____ time for the plane.
(A)in, in
(B)at, on
(C)on, in
(D)at, in

2. You are always _____ a hurry. You drive _____ a tremendous speed.
(A)for, at
(B)in, at
(C)on, with
(D)in, with

3. I am interested _____ cricket but I am not very good _____ it.
(A)in, in
(B)in, with
(C)in, at
(D)with, at

Direction: Choose the correct antonyms from the given options.

4. Presage

5. Nebulous

6. Decrepit

Direction: Choose the correct antonym from the given options.

7. Senile

8. Dwindle

Fill in the Blanks: Question 9 to 10.

9. I am not going to contest Lok Sabha seat_____ Bhopal.

10. Mohani belongs _____ the upper strata of the society.


1. (D)at, in
2. (B)in, at
3. (C)in, at
4. (B)Anticipate
5. (D)Nimble
6. (B)Garrulous
7. (C)Youthful
8. (D)Increase
9. (C)From
10. (C)To

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