GK Questions helpful in preparation for PA/SA Exam

1) Which planet of the solar system spins on its axis at the fastest rate?
Ans. Jupiter

2) The court language of the Mughals was:
Ans. Persian

3) Pencil lead is made up of:
Ans. Lead oxide

4) What is a Black hole?
Ans. A dying star

5) With which war is the name of Florence Nightingale associated?
Ans. Crimean War

6) An object weighs maximum in:
Ans. Vaccum

7) Longest river of Asian Continent is:
Ans. Yangtze

8) Which river crosses the equator twice
Ans. Congo

9) Lines drawn parallel to the equator are called:
Ans. Latitudes

10) The Author of Arthashastra was:
Ans. Kautilya

11) When did the first Co
mmonwealth games take place?
Ans. 1930

12) “The proper study of mankind is man” who said this?
Ans. Alexander Pope

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