Mock/Model Test for Postal/Sorting (PA/SA) Exam 2014- English Section

Mock/Model Test for Postal/Sorting (PA/SA) Exam 2014

Read the passage and answer Question 1 to 5.
It was 7 a.m. on Sunday, June 4, 1944. Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, Commander- in-Chief of the German Army Group B—guarding the occupied French Coast facing the English Channel—was travelling in a car next to the driver’s seat. He was tired of waiting for the Allied invasion to begin. Leaving on this particular dismal Sunday morning suited Rommel fine. The timing of the trip could not have been better for the weather was so bad that the Allies would not even think of a landing. Beside him on the seat was a cardboard box containing a pair of handmade grey-shade shoes, size 5 and half, for his wife Lucie-Maria. There was an especial and very human reason why he wanted to be with her on Tuesday,June 6. It was her birthday.

1. Rommel was
(a) A famous German detective during the Second World War.
(b) The Commander-in-Chief of the German army in occupied France
(c) A war-weary old man
(d) A German messenger during the war

2. Rommel was going back to Germany because
(a) He was afraid of facing the Allies
(b) He was bored with the war
(c) He was annoyed with the weather in France
(d) He was homesick and wanted to see his wife

3. Rommel considered June 4, the best time to leave because
(a) The weather conditions ruled out an Allied invasion
(b) All his junior Generals were present there
(c) By then the enemy was not ready for the attack
(d) He had to consult Hitler

4. The contents of the cardboard box had for Rommel
(a) Strategic importance
(b) Great monetary significance
(c) Sentimental value
(d) Not much value

5. Rommel was keen to be with his wife on that day because it was
(a) Their wedding day
(b) Her birthday
(c) Their son’s birthday
(d) Hitler’s birthday

DIRECTIONS: In question 6 to 8, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with appropriate words. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four.
6. He is the friend ___ I trust most.
(A) Who
(B) Whom
(C) Which
(D) Him

7. The firm ___ its worker very well.
(A) Treated
(B) Regarded
(C) Behaved
(D) Cared

8. In some countries the train ___ like clockwork.
(A) Go
(B) Speed
(C) Run
(D) Travel 

9. Identify the adverb in the following sentence.
He spoke well at the meeting last night.
(A) Last Night
(B) Meeting
(C) Well
(D) All of these

10. Identify which is not adverb from among following underlined words in the given sentences.

She sings pretty well. I do my work carefully. He is wise enough to understand the trick. The flower smells sweet.
(A) Enough
(B) Carefully
(C) Pretty
(D) Sweet

Direction (11 & 12) For the given sentence in active form, convert the sentence to passive form by choosing from one of the given options.
11. Gopal's friend laughed at him
(a) He was laughed at by all Gopal's friend
(b) Gopal was laughed at by his friend
(c) Gopal's friend were laughed at him
(d)  He was laughed at by Gopal's friend

12. The carpenter is making a chair
(a) A chair is being made by the carpenter
(b)  A chair is in the making by the carpenter
(c) A chair is made by the carpenter
(d) A chair is making by the carpenter

Direction (Question 13 to 15) In this section each sentence has three parts indicated by (A), (B) and (C). Read each sentence to find out whether there is an error. If you find an error in any one of the parts (A), (B), (C) indicate your response by blackening the letter related to that part in the OMR sheet provided. If a sentence has no error, indicate this by blackening "D" which stands for no error. Error may belong to grammar usage.
13. Many people (A)/ lost their life(B)/ in the train accident(C)/ last year(D)

14.  The number of(A)/ members of the club(B)/ are increasing(C)/ day by day(D)

15. Very little(A)/ people attended(B)/ the function(C)/ yesterday night(D)

Direction (16 to 18) Out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word:
16. Odious
(A) Unpleasant
(B) Dirty
(C) Silly
(D) Constant

17. Hybrid
(A) Clean
(B) Cross
(C) Superb
(D) Serious

18. Luminous
(A) Quiet
(B) Unbound
(C) Pressed
(C) Glowing

Direction (19 & 20): Choose the most suitable 'one word' for the following expression given below:
19. The belief that good must prevail over evil in the end
(A) Optimism
(B) Sophtism
(C) Truism
(D) Radicalism

20. Hater of women
(A) Misochist
(B) Misogamist
(C) Misogynist
(D) Misanthropist

Direction (21 to 23): In the question below, out of the four alternatives, choose the word that is most nearly the opposite in meaning to the given word:
21. Transient
(A) Passing
(B) Brief
(C) Lucid
(D) Eternal

22. Effective
(A) Potent
(B) Able
(C) Futile
(D) Sharp

23. Lofty
(A) Sublime
(B) Flat
(C) Shrill
(D) Terse

Direction: Complete the sentence correctly
24. Ram is so proud of his position that he _________ his subordinates.
(A) Looks for
(B) Looks into
(C) Looks down upon
(D) Looks after

25.  Identify the nouns used both for singular and plural form:
(A) Sheep
(B) Wolf
(C) Axis
(D) Goat


1) (B)The Commander-in-Chief of the German army in occupied France
2) (D)He was homesick and wanted to see his wife
3) (A)The weather conditions ruled out an Allied invasion
4) (C)Sentimental value
5) (B)Her birthday
6) (B)Whom
7) (A)Treated
8)  (C)Run
9) (C)Well
10) (D)Sweet
11) (B)Gopal was laughed at by his friend
12) (A)A chair is being made by the carpenter
13) B (lost their lives)
14) C (is increasing)
15) A (Very few)
16) (A)Unpleasant
17)  (B)Cross
18) (C)Glowing
19) (A)Optimism
20)  (C)Misogynist
21) (D)Eternal
22) (C)Futile
23) (B)Flat
24) (C)Looks down upon

25)  (A)Sheep

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