General Knowledge Quiz on India for Postal Assistant Exam

GK about India for PA Exam

  1. Which is not in Maharashtra : Ellora, Amaravati, Sanchi, Mahabaleshwar and Latur ?
  2. Which is longest Beach in India ?
  3. First Foreign Bank in India ?
  4. Which is not an Anti-Tank Missile : Naag/Aakah/Agni
  5. Literacy Rate of India in 1901 ?
  6. Which is older : INS Vikrant or INS Virat
  7. City of Uttar Pardesh, whose old name was Prayag ?
  8. City of Silk Industry in India ?
  9. First Indian Player to became the World Champion in 1958 ?
  10. Feroz Khan, Husband of Indira Gandhi was a Member of Parliament. True or False ?
  11. Maharashtra and Gujrat were made from which State ?
  12. First Indian Woman to surpass English Channel ?
  13. First Indian Chief of Neavy ?
  14. Name of First Nuclear Reactor in India ?
  15. Who won Miss Universe : Ashverya Roy or Sushmita Sain ?
  16. Name of the Indian Origin President of Singapore elected in 1981 ?
  17. Who got First Artificial Heart ?
  18. Expand the Abbreviation CHOGM ?
  19. Name of Parliament of USA, also known as the Residence of the President ?
  20. Why the town lillehammer of Norway was in News during 1994 ?
  21. Author who returned to Moscow in 1954 after Deportation of 20 years ?
  22. Which vegetable is known as "Garden's Egg" ?
  23. Length of Boundary between maxico and The Rio Grand America ?
  24. Price of First Indian Postal Stamp ?
  25. Who coined the word "Swaraj" ?
  26. First Asian President of International Cricket Council ?

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Ans. 1. Sanchi 2. Marina Beach ( Chennai ) 3. Chartered Bank 4. Naag 5. 5.3% 6. INS Vikrant 7. Allahabad 8. Kanchipuram 9. Wilson Jones, Billiards 10. True 11. Mumbai 12. Aarti Shah 13. Admiral RD Katari 14. Apsara 15. Sushmita Sain 16. CV Devan Nair 17. Barney Clark 18. Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting 19. White House 20. Winter Olympics held there 21. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 22. Brinjal 23. 800 miles 24. Three and a half anna 25. Dada Bhai Nairoji Ne 26. Jagmohan Dalmia

More Question Answers Based on India

Q. Which city in central India was the site of a poisonous gas leak in 1984?
Ans. Bhopal
Q. What building was put up in 1498 to honour the 15th century navigators who found the sea route to India?
Ans. Monastery of Jeronimos
Q. What is the longest river in India?
Ans. Ganga
Q. How many horns has an Indian rhinoceros?
Ans. One
Q. Named after a town in north-east India, which high quality tea with a delicate taste is known as the ‘Champagne of teas’?
Ans. Darjeeling
Q. Which Indian novelist wrote Journey to Ithaca and Village by the Sea?
Ans. Anita Desai
Q. Which widely cultivated cereal grass is also known as Indian Corn?
Ans. Maize
Q. Which snake is used by Indian snake charmers to sway to the music of their pipes?
Ans. Cobra
Q. Which Indian city gives its name to a type of riding breeches?
Ans. Jodhpur
Q. Which Indian religion was founded by Guru Nanak?
Ans. Sikhism

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