GK Model Practice Questions for Postal Assistants Exam

1. The state that was incorporated into India Union through police action was_________

Nizam (Hyderabad)
2. Provincial autonomy was introduced by ___________ Act
1935 Indian Government

3. The Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee was ______________
B.R Ambedkar

4. ___________ sacrificed his life in the struggle for creation of separate Andhra State
Potti Sriramulu

5. The state that was incorporated into Indian Union through police action was _____________
Junagarh / Nizam
6. The founder of Aryasamaj was ___________________
Swami Dhayanandha Saraswathi

7. The newspaper in English started by Subrahmanya Ayyar was _____________________
The Hindu

8. _____________ was the editor of the voice of India
Dadabhai Naoroji

9. The person who helped in the establishment of the Indian National Congress was _____________________
A.O Hume

10. The first President of Indian National Congress was ______________________
W.C Banerjee

11. 1909 Indian Councils Act is also called ________________________
Minto - Morely Reforms

12. The Montague Chelmsford Act was passed in the year _______________________

13. The last viceroy of India was _______________________
Lord Mountbatten

14. The Viceroy who affected the partition of Bengal was _____________
Lord Curzon

15. ___________ declared "The Freedom is my Birth Right".
Bala Gangadhra Tilak

16. ___________ was hanged in the case of throwing a bomb on the Viceroy Lord Hardinge
Khudiram Bose

17. Annie Besant started Home Rule League at _____________ in Madras

18. Gandhiji returned from South Africa in the year ____________________

19. Gandhiji's Ashram at Ahmedabad was called ______________________

20. The first Prime minister of Independent India was ____________________
Jawarharlal Nehru

21. ___________ was responsible for firing in jallianwalah Bagh.
General Dyer

22. Gandhi started non-cooperation movement in the year _____________________

23. _____________ convened the Simla Conference in 1945
Lord Wavel

24 In the year ______________ the Second World War ended.

25. ____________ is called the "Socrates of Maharashtra".
Gopalakrishna Gokhala

26. Gopalakrishna Gokhale formed the 'Servants of Indian Society' in ____________ at ______________
12th June 1905  at Pune

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