General Awareness Question and Answer

General Awareness Questions
1. In EFT, E denotes? - Electronic (EFT- Electronic Fund Transfer)
2. Who won Nobel Prize in Economics 2014? - Jean Tirole
3. Name the President of China? - Xi Jin Ping
4. Who won the gold in Men's badminton singles of Common Wealth Games 2014? - P Kashyap
5. Pt. Ravishankar related to? - Sitar
6. October 24 is observed as? - UN Day, World Polio Day
7. ECB full form? - External commercial borrowing
8. Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) is a? - Statutory body
9. Mutual funds come under which body? - SEBI
10. Minimum Amount in Pension Account? - Rs. 1000
11. Rang Rasiya film is based on life of? - Raja Ravi Varma
12. Full form of CRM? - Customer Relationship Management
13. Which among the following is not a nationalized bank? - HDFC
14. Jim Corbett National Park is situated in? - Uttarakhand

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