Current Affairs Multiple Choice Questions: 23 November 2014

1)  Who will be the chief guest at Republic Day celebrations 2015 as announced by PMO on 21 November 2014?
(A) Barack Obama, US President
(B) Shinzo Abe, Japan PM
(C) Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan President
(D) Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Bhutanese King

2) Which bank on 15 November 2014 won Custodian of the Year 2014 award?
(A)  Standard Chartered Bank
(B) Deutsche Bank
(C) Industrial & Commercial Bank of China
(D) Royal Bank Canada 

3) Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on 21 November 2014 has asked banks to inform their customers about a fall in minimum balance well in advance. The guidelines with respect to levying of penal charges for non-maintenance of minimum balance will be effective from?
(A) January 1, 2015
(B) December 1, 2014
(B) February 28, 2015
(D) April 1, 2015

4) World's first White Tiger Safari is set to come up in which state of India?
(A) West Bengal
(B) Kerala
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Gujarat

5) World Health Organization on 21 November 2014 declared which country as free of the Ebola virus?
(A) Democratic Republic of Congo
(B) Nigeria
(C) Liberia
(D) Sudan

6) Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has dissolved parliament, paving the way for a snap election. The actual general elections in Japan were due in which year?
(A) 2015
(B) 2017
(C) 2016
(D) 2018

7) Mangalyaan has been named among the best inventions of 2014 byTime magazine on 21 November 2014. Mangalyaan is among the ...... 'Best Inventions of 2014' listed by Time magazine?
(A) 100
(B) 50
(C) 5
(D) 25

8) World Television Day was celebrated on 21 November 2014. In which year the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed November 21 as World Television Day?
(A) 1991
(B) 1996
(C) 2005
(D) 2013

9) World Fisheries Day was recently observed on?
(A) 20 November
(B) 19 November
(C) 22 November
(D) 21 November

10) Barack Obama will become the ...... President of America to participate in India's Republic Day celebrations during January 26, 2015?
(A) Second
(B) First
(C) Third
(D) Fourth


1) Ans. (A) Barack Obama, US President
2) Ans. (B) Deutsche Bank
3) Ans. (D) April 1, 2015
4) Ans. (C) Madhya Pradesh
5) Ans. (A) Democratic Republic of Congo
6) Ans. (C) 2016
7) Ans. (D) 25
8) Ans. (B) 1996
9) Ans. (D) 21 November
10) Ans. (B) First

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