Model Question for PA/SA Exams

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1. Which state Police in India utilised the ‘Pigeon Post Service’?
Ans. Orissa State Police

2. When was the first commemorative stamp issued in India ?
Ans. In 1931 (to mark the inauguration of New Delhi)

3. The Cricketer from Australian Test Cricket team belongs to Australian Postal Service ?
Ans. Brad Hogg

4. The first Non Royal to appear on U.K. postage stamp?
Ans. William Shakespeare (1964)

5. In which language the first Megdoot Post card issued?
Ans. Tamil 

6. First Postal stamp in the World?
Ans. Penny Black 

7. When, the Indian Postal Stamp was cancelled at Mount Everest?
Ans. 1996 May 10 (by ITBP. Indo-Tibet Border Police)

8. Which is India’s first General Post Office?
Ans. Calcutta GPO (in 1774)

9. Which country issued the first self adhesive Postage stamp?
Ans. Sierra Leone (1964)

10. The first country issued new year greeting cards through Postal service?
Ans. China 

11. When was the first Postal Stamp issued ?
Ans. 1840 May 6th 

12. The first Indian Personality who was depicted in foreign stamps?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi 

13. Which picture was depicted in First world stamp?
Ans. Queen Victoria’s Head

14. The busiest Post office in India?
Ans. Mumbai GPO

15. First Indian Postage stamp?
Ans. Scinde Dawk 

16. No. of post offices having ‘Pictorial Cancellation facility’ in Kerala?
Ans. 23

17. India’s third scented postal stamp?
Ans. Jasmine (Rs. 15) 

18. What is water mark ?
Ans. A design / mark on paper given at the time of production.

19. The first post card issued in Cochin state?
Ans. 1898 at the time of Raja Rama Varma I

20. Which country issued the first commemorative stamp in the world?
Ans. Romania

21. Date of formation of Kerala Postal Circle?
Ans. 1961 July 1

22. Highest Denomination of Indian Commemorative stamp ever since issued?
1) Mother Theresa , Rs. 45/-
2) Acropora Formosa , Rs. 45/-

23. First burnt-wood smelt postage stamp issued by:
Ans. Brazil (1999) in connection with hazardous effect of forest fire.

24. Where was the first Gandhi stamp printed ?
Ans. Switzerland 

25. No. of world countries now in UPU (Universal Postal Union)?
Ans. 192

26. First coffee scented stamp issued by:
Ans. Brazil 

27. First personality in whose name the first Commemorative stamp was issued while he was alive ?
Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad 

28. The only country in the world where home delivery and redirection of postal articles exists:
Ans. India 

29. When India Post celebrated its 150th year of existence?
Ans. 2004-2005

30. When was the first Children’s day stamp issued:
Ans. 1957 Nov. 14 (Three stamps)

31. Who cancelled the Indian Postal Stamp in space suite?
Ans. Rakesh Sharma 

32. Name of the Indian Post Office at Dakshin Gangotri (Antartica)
Ans. Maitri BO 

33. Which stamp is called ‘Mourning stamp of India’?
Ans. Stamp of Mahatma Gandhi issued on 15.8.1948

GK Questions for Postal Assistant Examination

1. Who is the author of ‘speed post’?
Ans. Shobha De 

2. Olavanna Model refers to
(a)Women empowerment 
(b)Rural sanitation 
(c)Community based water supply 
(d)Self employment 
Ans. Community based water supply 

3. Which of the following is an international project?
(a)Chombal project
(b)Kosi project 
(d)Nagarjuna sagar 
Ans. Kosi project 

4. Freon gas is used in:
(c)Nuclear reactors 
Ans. Refrigerators 

5. Galvanized iron is coated with a thin coating of:
Ans. Zinc 

6. Sputnik was launched on
Ans. October 4, 1957

7. How many players are there in a football team ?
Ans. 11

8. Mein Kampf is the autobiography of:
Ans. Hitler 

9. Which is known as Hermit Kingdom?
Ans. Korea 

10. The first English school in Kerala was established at
Ans. Mattanchery

11. Law Advisor of the Central Govt. is:
Ans. Solicitor Genreral 

12. Where is Visweswarayya Industrial and Technological Musium situated?
Ans. Bangalore 

13. Which dance form is popularly known as ‘poetry in motion’?
Ans. Bharatanatyam 

14. KLM is the airline of:
Ans. Netherlands 

15. Who said ‘child is the father of man’?
Ans. Wordsworth 

16. Who is the ex-officio chairman of planning commission
Ans. Prime Minister 

17. Maginot Line demarcates the boundaries between
Ans. France and Germany 

18. Indian currency system was converted into a decimal system from:
Ans. April 1, 1957

19. The battle of plassey was faught in the year
Ans. 1757

20. Who said ‘Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it’?
Ans. Balagangadhar Tilak

21. Ibn Batuta came to India during the period of:
Ans. Mohammed-Ibn-Tughlaq 

22. Kanchi was the capital of the:
Ans. Pallavas 

23. The famous ‘Gayathri Manthram’ is in the:
Ans. Rig Veda 

24. The headquarters of ILO is at:
Ans. Geneva 

25. The first UN Secretary General Trygve Lie from:
Ans. Norway 

26. The longest night in the northern hemisphere is on:
Ans. December 22

27. Beyond Ten Thousand is a book written by:
Ans. Allen Border 

28. The 73rd amendment to the constitution of India relates to:
Ans. Panchayat Raj 

29. Who was the author of Aithihyamala?
Ans. Kottarathil Sankunni 

30. The first woman judge of the supreme court belongs to:
Ans. Kerala 

31. World Footballer of the year 2011:
Ans. Lionel Messi 

32. Fresco Painting deals with:
Ans. Guptas 

33. Second five year plan is based on the model of:
Ans. Mahalanobis 

34. Kitab-ul-Hind written by:
Ans. Alberuni 

35. The first atomic power plant in India was built at
Ans. Tarapur 

36. Which of the following gases does not form part of the atmosphere?
(d)Carbon dioxide 
Ans. Chlorine 

37. A doctor advised a boy to wear spectacles with cylindrical lens. This is to rectify his:
(a)Short sight 
(b)Long sight 
Ans. Astigmatism 

38. The first secretary of INC:
Ans. AO Hume 

39. The first country to speak about Non-Alignment was
Ans. India 

40. The mineral present in thyroxine is:
Ans. Potassium 

41. Monozite is largely produced in the state of:
(a)Tamil Nadu 
Ans. Kerala 

42. Who discovered Brazil ?
Ans. Kabral 

43. Which continent is divided into almost two equal parts by the equator?
Ans. Africa 

44. The language ‘Dogri’ is spoken in:
Ans. Jammu-Kashmir 

45. The country in which Annie Besant was born:
Ans. Ireland 

46. The Director of the Malayalam movie ‘Parinayam’?
Ans. Hariharan 

47. Nehru Award is instituted for:
Ans. International understanding and peace 

48. Central Food Technological Research Institute is situated in:
Ans. Mysore 

49. Panini is associated with:
Ans. Grammer

50. English East India Company set up during the period of:
Ans. Elizabath 

51. Country known as Emerald Island:
Ans. Ireland 

52. Shora is the parliament of:
Ans. Afganistan 

53. The actress who won Urvashi Award 4 times?
Ans. Shabana Azmi 

54. Rhodesia is the name of:
Ans. Zimbabwe 

55. Taj Mahal is on the kanks of river:
Ans. Yamuna 

56. The festival Kumbhamela is celebrated in:
Ans. Uttar Pradesh 

57. Bread basket of the world is:
Ans. Prairies 

58. The sun is composed mainly of:
Ans. Hydrogen 

59. Ferdinand de lesseps is associated with:
Ans. Suez Canal 

60. The particle which is supposed to travel faster than light:
Ans. Tachyon 

61. Zulus are the tribal people of:
Ans. South Africa 

62. Old name of St. Petersburg?
Ans. Leningrad 

63. Mercury is a:
Ans. Metal 

64. A lantern for projecting images of object is:
Ans. Epidiascope 

65. Which of the following metals is not an element?
Ans. Bronze 

66. The french revolution took place in the .......... th century:
Ans. 18th century

67. In which year Azad Hind Fouj formed?
Ans. 1943 

68. Where is the tomb of Kumaranasan built?
Ans. Pallana 

69. The first space craft that landed on Moon:
Ans. Loona-9 

70. The minister who resigned from Central Cabinet during the wake of Chinese aggression?
(a)V.C Shukla 
(b)V.K Krishna Menon 
(c)Jaffer sheriff 
(d)H.K.L Bhagat 
Ans. V.K Krishna Menon

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