GK Questions asked on 9 September 2016 SSC CGL Exam

Hi Aspirants, here are the GK Questions asked in today's (9 September 2016) SSC CGL Online Exam 2016.

GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL Online Exam: 1st Shift

1. WTO headquarter? - Geneva
2. Minimum age for Vidhan Parishad? - 25
3. Amar Sonar Bangla is written by? - Rabindra Nath Tagore
4. First commercial Indian airlines? - Air India
5. Hepatitis affect which part of human body? - Liver
6. Neeraj Chopra is related to which sports? - Javelin throw
7. Who started civil services in India? - Lord Cornwallis
8. Topmost layer of atmosphere? - Exosphere
9. Bachpan Bachao movement was started by? - Kailash Satyarthi
10. UEFA Euro 2016 runner up? - France
11. Leptospirosis caused by which microorganisms? - Leptospira
12. Lachhu Maharaj who recently passed away was related to? - Tabla
13. Kalaripayattu is the martial arts form of? - Kerala

GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL Online Exam: 2nd Shift

1. Cabinet mission was led by whom? - Pethick Lawrence
2. President of constitutional committee? - Dr. Rajendra Prasad
3. Raja harsh changed his capital from? - Thanesar to Kannauj
4. Straight of Gibraltar connects? - Atlantic ocean to Mediterranean Sea
5. GandhiJi’ss saying ‘Sarvodaya’ means? - Rise or welfare of all
6. Chief Economy Adviser of India? - Arvind Subramanyam
7. Irom Sharmila belongs to which state? - Manipur
8. Janpeeth award given for? - Literary works
9. Chairman of drafting committee of constitution? - Ambedkar
10. RRB sponsored by? - Nationalised commercial bank
11. Jnanpith award 2015 was given to writer of which language? - Gujarati

GK Questions Asked in SSC CGL Online Exam: 3rd Shift

1. Official language of Delhi sultanate? - Persian
2. Consumer price index forum is released by which department? - Central Statistic Office
3. Babita kumari related to which sport? - Wrestling
4. Ozone block which rays? - UV rays
5. Other name of world Bank? - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
6. Indifference curve shows comparison between? - Two goods
7. Startup India related to? - To boost entrepreneurship
8. Where is Bandhavgarh national park? - M.P

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