Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam GK Paper

Postal/Sorting Assistant Exam GK Paper 5

Q1  How many members in Rajya Sabha the Parliament of India?


Q2  How many articles are in the Indian Constitution


Q3 How many schedule in the Indian constitution

12 Schedules
Q4 What is the composition of Parliament of India

 Parliament consists of President of India and the two Houses of Parliament known as Council of States 

Q5 The President of India selected by ----------------------------

Members of an electoral college consisting of the elected members of both the Houses of Parliament and the elected members of the Legislative Assemblies of States and the Union Territories of Delhi and Pondicherry. 
Q6 T Who elects the Vice-President of Indi aerm of office of President in India

Five year
Q7 Qualification for election as President of India

  Citizen of India and completed the age of thirty-five years and is qualified for election as a member of the House of the People
Q8  Who elects the Vice-President of India

 Electoral college consisting of the members of both House of Parliament.

Q9 Which article mention  about what are qualification to be required for selection of Vice President ?

Article 66 of the constitution
Q10 How  many members are nominated in to Rajya Sabha
Q11 Parliament can alter  basic structure of Indian constitution
            Is it possible   


Q12   Considering the issue of  Power  distribution   the Indian  constitution followed ------------ method

Canadian  Method
Q13  When  will  the Parliament of India can make law above state list  ?

  During emergency 
Q14    What is mentioned  in article  25,26,27,28 of Indian constitution ?

  Right to freedom of religion

Q15   When was the fundamental duty added  in to   Indian constitution
Q16   What is  mentioned  article 356 of Indian constitution  ?

president rule in a state
Q17  If a president  rule applied in a state , then what is the validity  period of  that rule

Six Months
Q18   Before 61st Amendment Act 1989, what was the age of Indian citizen eligible to vote in the Election?

Q19  Which Bill President can neither return nor withhold his assent

Money  Bill
Q20  Which  word is added as pre- amble of constitution  by 42nd amendment  1976


Q21  From which constitution  was the concept of a five year plan borrowed in to the Indian constitution


Q22   Which important human right is protected in Article 21 of the Constitution of India?

Right to life and liberty
Q23    From which country's Constitution was the concept of Directive Principles of State Policy adopted into the Indian Constitution

Q24   What is mention in Article 51  of Indian constitution 

Promotion of international peace and security
Q25  Article -----  is mentioned Duties and powers of the Comptroller and Auditor-General


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